Spice Boxes

Inspiration behind kitchen punjabi spice blends comes from encouraging people to cook their own Indian dishes using wholesome, high quality cooking ingredients as an alternative to ready-made curry pastes and sauces.

Jasjit’s spice blends allow you to make your own masterpieces, using your creativity to make healthy and delicious Indian meals with authentic results. Gluten free and contains no oil, additives, preservatives, dairy or MSG.


Spice Blends

Jasjit’s Kitchen Punjabi blends are:
Garam masala
Chai masala
tandoori masala

Basic Spices in the spice box are:

Red chilli powder
Green cardamom
Brown cardamom
Garam masala
Cumin seeds
corriander seeds

Jasjit sells her special aromatic spice mixes of Garam masala, Chai masala and Tandoori masala separately or it will come with a spice box, your choice. Spice Boxes are $60.00 tax included, it comes with 7 spices and a spoon.