Food Consulting

Monthly Household Meal Plans

Hire Chef Jasjit for her Monthly service for home cooks who love Indian food and would like to learn how to cook Simple to advanced meal ideas for Lunch/Dinner. Indian food at home is easy to prepare and helps save money by not ordering out every day.

How it works​

Jasjit comes to your home to start with an interview of your likes, dislikes and budgets.
Makes meal plans on basis of interview.
Takes you shopping of Indian ingredients, Spices know-how.. and come back to her chef kitchen or your home to teach you and prepare all the meals weekly for 4 -5 hours a month.
Teaches you triple tested recipes and authentic homestyle cooking and party dishes.
Teaches you about spices and how to make your own spice blends.
Teaches you what utensils/pots/woks to use for Indian cooking.
Teaches you how to take leftovers to another height of taste and make it friendly lunch ideas for you.
She leaves you with Month worth of food, stocked up Pantry of spices and essentials for Kitchen and Recipes triple tested in file folder for your daily use. To maximize cost-saving success, she shares unique ideas for savvy supermarket shopping and proper pantry stocking while highlighting each meal’s unbeatable total price point.

Jasjit makes saving money a breeze for culinary experts and cooking novices alike…

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