Jasjit has cooking classes in a variety of locations in Ontario including Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo, London, Midland, and more!

Celebrate your next special birthday party, bridal shower or corporate team-building with an Indian-themed cooking class. Jasjit provide a cultural and fun learning atmosphere for groups and provide customized menus for private parties. Jasjit require a minimum of 8 people for a private cooking class. Smaller groups or one on one are possible, please inquire on our Contact page.


Private in home classes
Minimum 5-Max 8 people required to run the class.

Indian Chai (Tea Tasting) High Tea Party Class – $85.00 per person

Join chef Jasjit in her cozy kitchen to explore about 10 different flavors of Indian teas infused with flavours and Spices that are healing and you will be amazed the cure for Stomach ache to Headaches is all in our Indian chai teas.
We will be serving Cardamom Cake and Fennel almond biscotti to accompany our high tea party along with Home made samosas with Chutneys.

Classic Creamy Butter Chicken Class – $95.00 per person                

Jasjit’s most popular class features signature Butter Chicken, The recipe is nominated for CBC show in Alberta few years ago.It is a rich and creamy dish from northern India with succulent morsels of boneless chicken cooked in a smooth, velvety yogurt ,Cashew sauce with cream and aromatic spices. Also on the menu: Tandoori Aloo Gobi – Cauliflower and Potato marinated in spices and cooked in Oven, Saffron Basmati Rice Pulao, served with PC Naan bread, a North Indian delicacy finished off with a nice hot cup of Chai Tea. You’ll be making Jasjit ‘s Butter Chicken dish over and over again!

Vegetarians welcome!
Please contact me for a vegetarian substitute

Indian Foods to Heal the Mind, Body & Soul $85.00 per person

In India, foods with curative and nutritious properties have been consumed for thousands of years, based on ancient Ayurvedic principles. Ayurveda, known as the science of life, is India’s ancient healthcare system that dates back over 5,000 years.

In this class, learn which Indian spices hold valuable medicinal properties and heal the body. We will make a full-course Indian vegetarian meal, highlighting our discussion around basic Ayurvedic principles relating to food. Integrate these delicious, nourishing and energy-boosting dishes into your repertoire of winter-inspired recipes!

Our healing menu includes Ayurveda’s six tastes:

* Black Eye peas Dry Curry with Coconut Milk and Spices

* Haldi ki Sabjee(Turmeric Curry)

* Khichri – Lentil & Basmati Rice Casserole

* Cooling Cucumber Raita served with the meal

* Blueberry Chicken curry

* Healing Turmeric Chai Spiced Milk

Boost immunity with the healing benefits of Indian cooking for the coming colder months

Weekend Brunch Favorites of Chef Jasjit – $95.00 per person

Sometimes the simplest foods are the tastiest. There is something to be said for rustic recipes that are passed down generations, and that are tried, tested and true. This menu is just that—perfect Weekend Brunch favorites that never lose their appeal!

In this class, we share with you some authentic, home-style rustic favorites using simple ingredients. Our menu includes:

* Rajma Chaawal( Kidney Bean Curry with Plain Basmati Rice )

*Aaloo Poori (Potato curry with deep fried Indian Bread)

* Flaky Layered Paranthas, a flatbread specialty of North India-Paneer (Cheese) served with yogurt and home made Butter

* Semolina halwa

* Cardamom Masala Chai

These rustic dishes are heartwarming comfort foods perfect for the cooler season. In this class, everyone will have the chance to practice rolling out their own Parantha.

Everyday Indian cooking with Chef Jasjit – $85.00 per person

Cooking an authentic Indian meal can be simple, healthy and absolutely delicious, however it’s imperative to understand key techniques to achieve good results. Spend some time with Jasjit at comfort of her cozy home to unravel
those secrets in creating stunning and mouth-watering classic Indian dishes. The menu includes:

A warming and comforting Mulligatawny soup
A delicious Classic Cardamom Almond Chicken Curry
Jeera Aaloo( Potatoes with cumin flavour)
Mattar Basmati Rice Pulao
Homestyle whole wheat toasted Chappatis (rotis) on the griddle
Steamy cup of Authentic Indian Style Coffee. 

Suitable for both beginners and advanced cooks. This class will help you fine tune your Indian culinary skills and help get your Indian cooking skills perfected!

Vegetarians welcome!
Please contact me for a vegetarian substitute.

Terms and conditions apply-will be sent directly once you call or email to register.