About jasjit

Jasjit is a culinary savor, searcher and mentor – as well as her family’s head chef.

When it comes to food, she’s just as intrigued about the who, how and the why dishes are made and the multiple influences that different cultures have in today’s kitchen.

She’s a creator and passionate woman, Jasjit incorporates her love of her family, and food to make dishes that appeal to a wide range of the population. Along with her personal experiences highlighted by her Indian heritage that allow her to create dishes that marvel the ordinary.

Jasjit has done recipe development for Planet Organic Market , Alberta many other magazines. 

Jasjit truly embraces the spice of life. Her mantra is to eat locally but cook globally. Enjoy tradition but search out change. Respect technique while adding a playful twist. And enjoy every opportunity to connect with family and friends through good food.


Passion for cooking is bred in the bone. My mother is the biggest influence on me. I was  young when she passed away.  The stories about her culinary skills and mouth  watering, delicious delicacies remain inside me.  

My mother’s heritage intertwines with Jaipur, India, also known as the Pink city. The city has international reputation for its renowned architecture, royal palaces, art and sculptures. My grandfather was a statesman employed by the Royal family of Jaipur. 

My mother experienced the royal treats prepared by royal chefs. I strive to perfect her skillful ways but remains to be seen where I will end up. I grew up in  Chandigarh (North-West India), also known as “City beautiful”, designed by  a French architect Le Corbusier. The  international influence, affluence and culture impresses the cosmopolitan city and residents alike. The variety of food available made me learn more about it and hence, my certification in Culinary skills from Chandigarh. 

The immigration to Winnipeg, Canada, introduced me to the foods and culture of 53 other nationalities. Each  different from the other and my imagination ran wild. And, now the motto is – more I learn the less I know. 

Food has a global approach and reach through the effective modes of communication and transportation. The  vast varieties are unique in taste, shape, colour, size and form. The most interesting part – how food reflects us and our social values, customs and festivals. My imagination and inspiration to cook and share the knowledge knows no bounds.

Food Philosophy

I am not afraid of trying. The second try is always better than first one. Consistency, Presentation and Customer satisfaction are top priorities for me. Self-employment and entrepreneurial ventures provides me a sense of accomplishment.

I have the privilege of teaching at the prestigious – NAIT, Metro Community College and Planet Organic in Edmonton, AB; Niagara College in St. Catharines, ON. I’m also developing curriculum for certificate courses at Continuing Education Niagara College. Townships of Athabasca and Whitecourt school divisions welcomed me to offer cooking classes.

Culinary Playgrounds

  • The three years at CKJS Radio 810 AM in Winnipeg are the most memorable time of my life. I  produced, anchored, compeered and co-wrote a radio show for the North-Indian community.
  • University of Western Ontario in London campus radio CHRW 94.7 FM provided me with another opportunity to enhance my skills as a host and compeer as a radio show host.
  • For the past 7 years Loblaws and Zehrs in Western Ontario have offered me their venues to offer cooking classes and Development of Recipes for Cookbooks and classes.
  • WCA Edmonton nominated me for the 2007 Women of Distinction honor in the Culture, Arts and Heritage category.
  • United Way Edmonton recognized with an award for offering volunteer services to the Community.
  • Alberta Livestock gracefully sponsored me in the Celebrity Kitchen column in Edmonton Journal newspaper.
  • Edmonton Sun offered space to freelance in their Food column. CBC Radio Edmonton noon hour show ‘Wild Rose Alberta’ offered a space to present my recipes.
  • Planet Organic has allowed me lots of space and time to offer TV show at Rogers TV, City TV’s Breakfast Television in Edmonton and Toronto. As well as the opportunity to be a part of Ethnic show (Chef Indian cuisine Expert) being held in Toronto international center on September 30th and October 1st 2007.   

Our Classes

Each cooking class provides a glimpse of culture and traditions of India North Indian cuisine and knowledge of spices that inspires all participants to cook Indian meal at comfort of their homes. People who think cooking Indian food is all hot flavoured and tedious to cook. Well … come and join me in my class and rest your fears.  The simple techniques of cooking Indian food helps with most dishes one would want to try in the true Indian mode.

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All recipes are tested and perfected in Jasjit’s kitchen.